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... About Fiona Kaczmarczyk and QiYoga:

"QiYoga excited and inspired me from my first experience of it!  Fiona has interwoven two of the most powerful self healing modalities that enable her to draw upon wisdom handed down through millennia.  Fiona's innate creative abilities enable her to bring these vast resources of wisdom to the 21st century in a truly unique, fluid and dynamic way."
Claire Floyd
"I loved your style of yoga and am looking forward to practicing it more!"
Ebony Marsh
"My stomach muscles are still hurting! It was great, I felt really loose and relaxed all day"
Sue Whitaker
"I was feeling unhappy for a while, began attending your classes and now my mood has improved – thank you so much Fiona"
Jeremy James
"Fiona, thanks for the DVD. It has some very useful techniques that I will certainly share with some of my students and use myself.
Thanks again for all your teaching and sharing."
Dee Douglas
"Hi Fiona, it's really great that you are offering all these classes that I love. Thank you!"
Nicola Steen
"Fiona… Think I am getting a little addicted to this QiYoga!!"
Anne- Marie Alonso
One of my favourite things about your class is tapping the Meridian points. Thanks to you, I now create Chi energy balls several times a day for myself and others and it is making a profound difference to my life.
I have been meditating for over 10 years now and I find your class the perfect compliment to my spiritual practice.
I'm very impressed with your achievements as mentioned on your website. You seem too young to have accomplished so much!
Well done and keep up the good work.Thanks again."
Dean Douglas

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